Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Baby Girl Sandals

Babies shoes are just oh so cute to me.....especially sandals, when they have their pudgy little toes showing, I just love it!!!!  But I found that almost every shoe on a baby gets kicked off, and either lost or I ended up just taking them both off. 
But I have found the solution!!!!!!!!!  ........for baby girls only!! 

Fabric flowered, bottomless, baby sandals!!!!
(perfect for the little girls who aren't walking yet, or if your just going to carry them around still!!
Selling for $10

I have lots more colours coming, and for all the mom's who already ordered headbands for your little dollies, I can also make them some matching sandals to go along with their outfit!!!


  1. Love it. These are so adorable!! Great job!

  2. How do I order a pair?

    1. Chelsea, I sent you an e-mail,