Thursday, 8 December 2011

Boot Socks

I love the layered look for any type of clothing. In alot of fashion ads, you'll see the models wearing boot socks, so I went searching for a pair to buy, but they cost anywhere from $25 to $100!!!!  ridiculous!!!! 
And when you wear a full boot sock, you have to stuff you pants into it, and it gets all bunchy and uncomfortable, so here’s a much easier way to get the look.

Items Needed:
  • old sweater
  • sewing machine
  • embelishments, if wanted (buttons, bows, lace...etc.)
1. Take an old sweater that you don't wear anymore.

2. Cut off the sleeves.

3. Hem the bottoms where you cut.

And you have boot socks for FREE!!!!
If you don't already have bottons on your sweater sleeves, you could easily sew some on, or glue a little bow, or lace to the top. 

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